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A two-hour virtual meeting, via Zoom, was held on May 10, 2020, at 11 am UTC. The agenda for the virtual meeting is given below.

In the first hour, there were six presentations on the topic: “The role of multi-agent-based simulation in addressing global problems”.

Speaker(s) Topic Time slot (in minutes)
Professor Frank Dignum (Invited Speaker) COVID-19 simulation 15 + 5
Dr Maite Lopez-Sanchez and Dr Cristian Jimenez COVID-19 simulation 5
Dr Mario Paolucci Simulating organised crime 5
Fatema T. Johora Role of simulation in understanding pandemics 5
Dr Jason Thompson COVID-19 simulation and sharing challenges on interdisciplinary work 5
Kaidi Wang Pandemic simulation involving automated vehicles for daily travel 5

In the second hour, a general discussion centered broadly on the same topic was held.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the workshop!